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Decide To Win In 2016

"Every battle is won before it's ever fought." - Sun Tzu

As you start another year, there's a sense of anticipation and a belief that you can improve on your previous endevours. There is that yearning to do more and achieve more than ever before. These are good sentiments and trust me they don't last very long and that is why you should capitalise on the momentum and the enthusiasm that comes with this period. You can truly decide to win in 2016 and that decision will determine how far you'll be able to go in the year ahead.

Let me share some simple but practical ideas you can put in place to make the year ahead a great one, where you actually achieve your goals and see success:

1. Begin With The End From The Beginning

In your notebook (if you don't have a notebook you take everywhere, better get one, a nice one too) start by writing down 5 to 10 things why 2016 was the great year for you, your career, relationships and business.

Write these statements in the past tense as if they have already happened, this way you don't have to write them as wishes or dreams because often we doubt that those will come true. Be specific put the numbers in, even include the period they took place in. As you write these allow yourself to smile as you feel proud of what you've accomplished. Enjoy how that feels so that you look forward to it.

2. Focus On The Actions That Will Make You Win

Now that you have your list of accomplishments for the year ahead, write down the actions you took to make these happen.

What did you do daily and weekly that was different than before?

What targets did you set weekly that you met?

How did you celebrate monthly and how did you know you'd succeeded?

You might be tempted to quit the exercise at this point because it is becoming more like heavy lifting, if tempted to do so ask yourself:

3. Why Is Winning This Way So Important To Me?

Write down your why statements. Why do you want to win this year? What are some of the extended benefits you'll enjoy by winning and is it worth your effort?

Motivation and and inspiration from external sources come and go but the most powerful motivation is one that comes from within. It's what many refer to as your inner drive and it is something that you can pull out when things get tough and you want to give up.

Take time to go over your handiwork and make corrections, use more emotive and clearer language if you must and read it again. Once you are happy with it take time to put a very neat version of this on a clean page in your notebook, you can even make a poster to keep next to your work desk or print it in a small business card for your wallet.

If you are truly tired of what you've been getting, why not give this a try and see how you change your future today.


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