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See Buhle In Action

These videos captured in different settings will give you a sense of Buhle Dlamini's Style.

Energise Your Event!

Buhle can turn your staff conference, client event or association convention into an unforgettable event.

Unleashing Your Greatness 
How To Say Buhle Dlamini's Name.

Greatness is in all of us, not just reserved for a few.

How does the rest of the world say Buhle Dlamini? This video is about how to say Buhle's name captured in Canada.

Intro to Buhle Dlamini and snippets from Balance in the workplace talk for the Oprah Mag Roadshow in Johannesburg.

Balance in the workplace Oprah Mag Roadshow.

Afrocentric Business Speaker.

This Global Business and Inspirational Speaker speaks on Leadership, Afro-Centric Leadership, Diversity In The Workplace, Unleashing Your Greatness, Owning The Future and Balance In The Workplace. Buhle speaks and travels internationally to business, social and academic audiences.

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