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What We Do

Here at Mindgro Consulting we specialise in:


  • Professional speaking on Future of Work, Cultural Intelligence and Winning Culture.

  • Training for business skills development, leadership and team building.

  • Online Strategy Platform for organisational strategy and execution.


Buhle Dlamini and team bring a wealth of global experience having worked with organisations all over the world, providing quality and excellence for your peace of mind.


Our Approach

Experience | Humour | Animation | Immersion

Because we only share what we know and have experienced, our approach to learning facilitation is characterised by personal investment and self-inclusion. Our Training and Process Facilitation approach is also differentiated by a dominantly artistic axis, which we use to embellish, illustrate and animate much of our material


Our services fit in the following catergories with the aim of helping you create a winning culture in a fast changing world:

Strategy & Execution


Do you want your business and organisation to get clarity on its strategy and effectively execute goals? We have a solution for you that involves the best technology in the market with Results. 

Mindgro has partnered with online platform to help you build a One Page Strategic Plan and then use it to track day to day execution.


We work with your leadership team to develop a coherent strategy that leads to measurable success in your organisation.

Teamwork & Diversity


We provide state of the art facilitation to create a winning culture for your team and manage diversity. We are uniquely positioned to train and assess cultural intelligence for effective diversity management in a globalised workplace.


Our expertise and tools in cultural intelligence will give you the edge over your competitors.

Motivation & Skills


If you are looking for an internationally renowned speaker to motivate, inspire and train your people, we've got your anwer. Buhle Dlamini is one of the best in the business.


Buhle's speaking services is often utilised by top blue chip clients for conferences, seminars, team building and staff training.

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Our Most Requested Topics for Talks and Workshops

Keys To Owning The Future In A Changing World: 

What you need to know and do differently to own the future.

5 Keys To Unleash Your Greatness: 

Stop playing small and reach your full potential. Master the steps to Unleash Your Greatness.

Cultural Intelligence In A Globalised World: 

Understand the 4 key elements of cultural intelligence for success.

Leadership Lessons From Nelson Mandela: 

Leading from incredible adversity to casting a vision for the future.

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